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Jay Zaveri

Senior Advisor

Jay Zaveri is a Senior Advisor at 4DX Ventures. Jay is a partner at Social Capital, a top decile investment firm in Silicon Valley. Jay’s life mission is to solve forty of the world’s hardest problems, by bringing entrepreneurs, technology, and capital together.


Jay has been a lifelong technology entrepreneur. He co-founded three technology companies, the most recent of which was mobile productivity application CloudOn, which had ten million enterprise users and was acquired by Dropbox in 2014. Since 1996, Jay has built software products that have scaled to millions of active users, and companies that have grown rapidly to become category leaders. His love for cartoons and work in the new media tech space has won him 18 awards, including a Hollywood Film Festival for Best Animated Short.


When not investing, Jay loves hiking, skiing, and hanging out at a beach with family and friends.

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