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Raaid Ahmad
General Partner

Raaid Ahmad is a General Partner at 4DX Ventures. He was previously a Director at Facebook Financial (F2), leading the Analytics, Data Science & Engineering functions. Prior to F2, Raaid was the head of data science for Facebook's growth teams, tasked with growing the company's user base from 1.5bn to 3bn people, predominantly from emerging markets.

Earlier in his career in Silicon Valley, he started and scaled data science teams for two global, Sequoia-backed startups that were ultimately acquired (Kiwi by Jam City in 2015 and Weebly by Square in 2018). In his previous stint in finance, Raaid was a senior member of the high risk trades team at Bridgewater Associates. In addition to his full time work, he has also advised a large number of fast growing startups on data science and analytics, consumer product strategy and design, and rapidly iterating to find product market fit.

Raaid is an early adopter of blockchain technology and a power user of DeFi protocols, first buying bitcoin in 2013 and ether in early 2017. He was the founding data scientist for Facebook's crypto efforts and has advised a number of startups in the space.
Raaid earned a B.S. with Honors from Johns Hopkins University in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics & Statistics and an MBA from The Stanford Graduate School of Business.
In his spare time, Raaid enjoys reading about science, technology & philosophy, trading options, playing poker (and other games), and gardening.

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