Thanks for reaching out, we appreciate your interest!

We fund early stage (Pre-seed to Series B) technology-enabled businesses that are focused on Africa. We strive to back the best founders across the continent who are trying to build large and scalable businesses that will have a transformative impact. If that sounds like you, we should talk.

Our evaluation criteria include:

  • Management team — We look for world class founders who are passionate about the problems they are solving, and possess the grit, focus, judgment, depth of understanding about their business & sector, and level of skill / experience that means they are the best team to go after this opportunity.

  • Size of the market opportunity — We look for businesses that are operating in multi-billion $ addressable markets where achieving $100mm in revenues over the next 5-7 years is a realistic possibility.

  • The vision for the business — We look for founders who have a big but realistic vision of the impact their businesses can have on the continent, and a clear plan for how they will get there from where they are now.

  • Quality and scalability of the business model — We look for business models with great unit economics, high expected returns on invested capital, strong network effects / scale advantages, and defensible moats.

  • Traction and what has been built so far — We give a lot of credit to businesses who have proven that there is demand for their products.

We created a list of questions (link below) that will help us learn more about your company. We will review every submission, and will respond within 2 weeks if we think your company fits our mandate.

Note we will keep all information shared strictly confidential, and will not share anything outside of our firm.